Wellness Walk route marshal (Wellness Walks 2024 - Route Marshals)

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We are looking for friendly, enthusiastic and energetic volunteers to walk our Wellness Walk routes with our participants to be someone that walkers can chat to if they’ve arrived and walking alone, provide a morale boost and support.

As the UK’s leading diabetes charity, it’s our job to tackle the diabetes crisis. We’re here to prevent type 2 diabetes, campaign for and support everyone affected by diabetes, and fund research that will one day lead us to a cure.

Thousands of people from across the UK will take part in our fun and family-friendly, sponsored Wellness Walks. It’s a chance to get out outside, take a deep breath, seize the day and change the world for everyone affected by diabetes.

There are currently 3 Wellness Walks held across the UK in Glasgow, Birmingham and London. We ask our walkers to think about their wellbeing and make a few small changes to how they live their lives, so that they can begin to feel healthier.

The walks are between 6-10 miles and are fully accessible – so pushchairs and mobility scooters are welcome.